Who we are

Keeping Kimberley Entertained

Kimberley Events has been part of the event industry since 2019. Which all started with “for the love of Music” in front of the TV. Founded and started by Andrea De Nobrega in 2018.

Not only  have I sensed the high demand for local events in and around Kimberley, but  has Every passed event experience helped me to grow, evolve and make all future events,  a must-attend calendar entry for your monthly “night off”

I thrive on the quality of service, all tasks and events are executed with professionalism, dedication and with great enthusiasm.  I aim to provide memorable and incomparable events is unmistakably the driving force behind this company, which means that any Event, big or small is always delivered on with the greatest ease and dedication. Whether it is a skoffel-Dans, Family-Fest, or Braaiday-Picnic.

This commitment directly translates into events of the highest quality, aiding the creation and building of the client/guest attending, by doing every event with the passion of the entertainment industry.

The positive feedback I receive from the Public after each event is a true testament to the care our team gives to the finest detail, our unmatched service ethic, unparalleled creativity and infallible enthusiasm.